Incorporated in 2012, Pacific Regional Multiple Listing Service (a.k.a. “PACMLS”) is the first and the only REALTOR® Regional MLS organization in Washington State! We are a REALTOR®-owned collaborative effort that endeavors to provide services to REALTOR® Real Estate Professionals across the Pacific Northwest. Our current founding member REALTOR® Board/Associations include Tri-City, Lower Yakima Valley, and Whitman County. There are also direct links (left sidebar) to each of our Founder Member’s websites.

Pacific Regional MLS seeks to offer premium customer service and leading edge technology to 1,200+ members – helping them, in turn, to be able to offer exceptional professionalism and service to the home buying and selling public. If you would like more information, please contact us today.


To create a strong, regional multiple listing service owned by, and designed to serve, REALTOR® association members.

  • The concept is not new, and has been talked about locally for years.

  • Many regions around the country have come to the same conclusion and are following suit for similar reasons.

  • There are nearly 900 MLS’s around the country, with about a dozen in Washington State alone.

  • Smaller MLS’s are finding it increasingly difficult to provide the affordable services today’s REALTORS® want, need and deserve.

  • Wholesale MLS database and service providers are less and less willing to serve the needs of MLS’s smaller than 500 or even 1000 members.




The Shareholders of the PACMLS have watched too many of our neighboring associations suffer from membership losses, higher costs and a lack of quality services.

Local Realtor® Associations and their members are finding fairly limited options:

  • Either turn over operations to private companies, or…

  • Agree to work together with other like-minded groups (REALTOR® Associations)




PACMLS is the answer by:

  • Allowing the merger of operations

  • Providing needed services at
    reasonable costs

  • Keeping the ownership and revenue
    from the sale of services within our
    associations while providing high
    quality service to our respective
    REALTOR® members.


In 2012, we hired renowned MLS collaboration facilitator and adviser Kevin McQueen.

His job: to help us organize. His experience and knowledge quickly became invaluable as we worked through the many months of discussions and planning to bring as many REALTOR® Associations together as possible and make our Regional MLS dream a reality.




We’re excited to announce that the Pacific Regional Multiple Listing Service (or The PACMLS) went live August 1st, 2014.




To protect the integrity and quality of our information, lower costs and improve services for our REALTOR® Associations and their members.

So far we have:

  • One MLS serving five counties

  • Cost savings for added services

  • Tax Data – statewide

  • I-Check – for listing accuracy

  • Eliminating duplicate MLS fees

  • Expanding our Market




We’ve only scratched the surface on what we can accomplish together.

More buying power means lower costs, a greater number and quality of services offered to our membership.

As technology progresses and the number of tools available to REALTORS® expand, we will be there to grow with our members.


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