Check out the latest enhancements and fixes scheduled for zipForms Transactions from Lone Wolf! This month’s update includes a new feature that allows users to download signed documents in one-click, and a quick way to remove documents from a placeholder!

1) Download signed documents in one click: we added a Retrieve Signed Documents button to the details popup of a signing in the E-Sign tab of a Transaction. With a single click, users can manually download signed documents that are less than 90 days old to the details popup of a signing. Note: currently, this is applicable to
DocuSign signatures only.
2) Easily remove documents from a placeholder: we added the ability to remove all documents from a placeholder containing a “stack” of previous versions by clicking on ‘Unfill Placeholder’.
3) New transactions copy alert: copying a transaction does not automatically update form versions and may result in the use of outdated forms. This is why we added a warning message that displays when a transaction is copied.

1) Party information update: Corrected an issue where party information that was updated failed to automatically update in the transaction shares existing, and responsible party contact information in the Checklist tab of the transaction.
2) Placeholders fill: Corrected an issue where a translucent page appeared when users attempted to fill placeholders in a transaction, preventing them from taking further action on the page.
3) Password reset: Corrected an issue where users were unable to successfully reset their passwords using the Forgot Password function.
4) PDF Preview in Dashboard: Corrected an issue where users were unable to preview a PDF document from the Docs Need Approval tile in the Dashboard.
5) PDF document review and zipCommunity: Corrected an issue where users were able to see the zipCommunity and comment history functions when previewing a PDF document.
6) Notifications: Corrected an issue where the bell notification icon was missing from the header bar and users failed to receive notifications.
7) Transaction downloads: Corrected an issue where users were unable to download an exported transaction via an email link.
8) PDF document preview: Corrected an issue where users received an error message when attempting to preview a PDF document.
9) Back Office sync: Corrected an issue where updates to parties on a transaction that was copied and is synced to Lone Wolf Back Office via Lone Wolf Link, synced to the original transaction instead of the copy.
10) Transaction type admin control: Corrected an issue where administrator users were unable to control what transaction types users were able to create.
11) Forms access: Corrected an issue where agents that were logged in as transaction coordinator users were unable to access the forms library.
12) Document placeholder fill: Corrected an issue where users unable to fill placeholder documents with documents they uploaded.
13) Clause manager: Corrected an issue where users were unable to export clauses from the Clause Manager feature.